Some issues to think about in the election – pick your area, read up and put lots of questions to canvassers

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EAPN Ireland Election Blog # 3

I was going to sit down and try to summarize some of the proposals by social inclusion and equality groups for issues to raise in the general election. Then I found that the ever-industrious Pierre Klein of ATD (All Together in Dignity) had already set up a list at

Thank you, Pierre. Here is a version of that list (with my headings and notes added) for those who have not seen it yet:

Let me know what I’ve missed and I’ll add to them

Robin Hanan, EAPN Ireland


A five year strategy against poverty in Ireland:

A vision for rights and inclusion at home and abroad

Priorities form the fight against poverty and inequality

Social Justice

Putting Economic, Social and Cultural Rights into the Constitution and into practice

Fighting for human rights

The rights of older people

Ending Homelessness

Children’s rights and child poverty



Equality in education

Women’s rights

The Financial Transaction Tax

Service Users’ rights

Drug policy


Global justice



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